Media Opportunities


Use the resources and ideas below to garner earned media throughout the year. The CDC also maintains a Tobacco Control Events Calendar with additional materials.

January 2018

[2018 LTE Template] JUUL E-Cigarettes
[2017 LTE Template] Martin Luther King Jr. Day
[2017 Press Release Template] Medicaid Benefit
[2016 Press Release Template] Birth Defects Prevention Month
[2016 LTE Template] National Trivia Day

February 2018

[2018 LTE Template] Burn Awareness Week
[2018 LTE Template] Tobacco-Free Parks
[2017 LTE Template] Black History Month
[2017 LTE Template] Valentine's Day
[2016 Photo and Caption Template] National Wear Red Day
[2016 Template Press Release] American Heart Month
[Website] World Cancer Day


March 2018

[2018 LTE Template] Academy Awards
[2018 LTE Template] World Oral Health Day
[2017 LTE Template] Women's History Month
[2017 LTE Template] Brain Awareness Week
[2016 Pitch Template]American Diabetes Alert Day
[2016 LTE Template] CDC 30 Smokefree Days Campaign
[Website] Kick Butts Day
[2015 LTE Template] [2014 Press Release Template] Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

April 2018

[2018 LTE Template] Earth Day Tobacco Free Parks
[2018 LTE Template] Minority Health and Health Disparities Month
[2017 LTE Template] Miller Park is Tobacco Free
[2017 Press Release Template] Minority Health and Health Disparities Month
[2016 Press Release Template] Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week
[Video for Social Media] National Public Health Week
[2015 LTE Template] Earth Day
National Infertility Awareness Week
National Cancer Control Month

May 2017

[2017 LTE] Mother's Day
[2017 LTE Template] No Menthol Sunday
[2017 LTE Template] World No Tobacco Day
[2016 LTE Template] Older Americans Month
[2016 Pitch Template] National Women's Check-up Day
[2015 Press Release Template] Healthy Vision Month
[2015 Press Release Template] Mother's Day
[2015 LTE Template] Stroke Awareness Month
World Asthma Day
National Asthma Awareness Month
Clean Air Month
Arthritis Awareness Month
Mental Health Month
National Women's Health Week

June 2017

[2017 LTE Template] LGBT Pride Month
[2017 Press Release Template] Healthy Homes Month
[2017 LTE Template] Father's Day
[2016 Press Release Template] This Free Life/Pride Month

July 2017

[2017 LTE Template] Smoke-Free Law 7th Anniversary
[2017 LTE Template] 4th of July
[2016 LTE Template] National Parents Day

August 2017

[2017 LTE Template] Tobacco Consumption Data
[2017 LTE Template] FDA Nicotine Strategy
[2016 LTE] National Friendship Day
[2016 LTE] WI Wins Compliance Team Letter
[2015 LTE Template] Back to School
[2015 LTE Template] Dream Day

September 2017

[2017 LTE Template] World Heart Day
[2017 Template Press Release] Infant Mortality Awareness Month
Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

October 2017

[2017 Press Release Template] Mental Illness Awareness Week
[2016 Press Release Template] SIDS Awareness Month
[2016 LTE Template] American Pharmacist Month
[2015 LTE Template] LGBT Coming Out Day
[2015 LTE Template] Halloween
Lung Health Day
Fire Prevention Week

November 2017

[2017 LTE Template] Tobacco is Changing
[2016 LTE Template] Veterans Day
[2016 LTE Template] Thanksgiving
[Website] Great American Smokeout
Mouth Cancer Awareness Week
American Diabetes Month
Lung Cancer and COPD Awareness Month

December 2017

[2017 LTE Template] New Year's Resolution -- Tobacco is Changing
[2016 LTE Template] New Year's Resolution -- End Tobacco Disparites
[2016 LTE Template] Give the Holiday Gift of Quitting
[2015 LTE Template] World AIDS Day
[2015 LTE Template] Holiday Stress