Orientation Toolkit


New to tobacco prevention and control in Wisconsin? This orientation will provide you with an overview of priority information and resources needed to begin working in the field.

For an introduction to this page, watch the videos below.

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Tobacco Prevention & Control Movement Overview

Review the TPCP Overview for a brief program description.

WI Specific Tobacco Prevention & Control Plans

For a one page review of all the plans, visit the What We Work on and Why page.

You can also read the executive summaries of our state plans to get a snapshot of what we are working on in Wisconsin tobacco prevention and control.

Wisconsin History

Get a sense of tobacco prevention and control history.

Review the Wisconsin Tobacco Timeline with tobacco control milestones.

What More?

For an in-depth look at tobacco control The Tobacco 101 Online Tutorial is a web-based tool that you can explore anytime.

On the tobwis.org website toolkits exist for all program priorities. These toolkits provide a base of knowledge for your everyday work. If you explore tobwis.org, you will see other toolkits not specific to tobacco control to help you work more effectively.

Coalition Building Resources

The Coalition Building Toolkit contains adaptable resources from Wisconsin’s local tobacco control coalitions and state and national partners to assist you in organizing, managing and communicating with your coalition and the public.

Educational Advocacy

Use the Educational Advocacy Toolkit as you work to educate and inform stakeholders on the importance of tobacco prevention and control.

Media Advocacy

Media campaigns, combined with interventions, are an important high-impact strategy. Use the Media Advocacy Toolkit when you're trying to obtain earned media (coverage from newspapers, radio, TV stations and websites).

Other Tobacco Products (OTP)

As smoking rates have dropped, popularity of other tobacco products has increased. The Other Tobacco Products Toolkit lists OTP types and provides resources to help you educate about their dangers. The E-Cigarette Toolkit contains resources to assist you in providing community outreach.

Smoke-Free Air

In the Smoke-Free Air Toolkit, you'll find tools to support the progress we have made in Wisconsin towards smoke-free air and learn about the work that still needs to be done.

There is also a Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Toolkit for tools specific to this activity.

Tobacco-Related Disparities

Some populations experience a greater health and economic burden from tobacco use. The Health Equity Toolkit gives resources to address these disparities.

Youth / Young Adult Engagement

State and local tobacco control efforts are enhanced by youth involvement.